Cipro Lawsuits

The recently discovered link between Cipro and various serious side effects has given rise to numerous personal injury lawsuits. These lawsuits, which are filed by lawyers on behalf of injured Cipro patients, seek compensation for the Cipro patients’ injuries.

For example, in 2003, lawyers assisted a group of four U.S. postal workers in filing a lawsuit against Bayer, Cipro’s manufacturer. In the lawsuit, the plaintiff’s lawyers allege that the plaintiffs were given Cipro during the anthrax scare in 2001 and suffered serious side effects shortly thereafter. Additionally, the lawyers contend that Bayer failed to publicly disclose data indicating that the drug could cause nerve and tendon injuries, among other things. In an interview, one lawyer stated that, “It’s unfortunate enough the workers went through the anthrax attacks, but the fact that they got a hit from Cipro, which was supposed to protect them, is disgraceful.”

As awareness about the connection between Cipro and serious side effects continues to grow, lawyers expect the number of Cipro lawsuits to rise. Both people directly affected by Cipro and relatives of people who have died after taking Cipro may be eligible to file a lawsuit and should contact our experienced lawyers immediately.

Our Experienced Cipro Lawyers

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If you or a family member has used the prescription drug Cipro and experienced adverse side effects, such as toxic epidermal Necrolysis or tendon rupture, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries. Our Cipro lawyers can help you seek compensation by filing a lawsuit on your behalf. With a Cipro lawsuit, our lawyers may help you get reimbursed for expenses such as medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

By seeking assistance from our experienced lawyers, a Cipro victim can quickly determine whether they have grounds for a lawsuit. Moreover, our experienced lawyers can inform victims of their legal rights and options, as well as their chances at succeeding in a lawsuit. So far, lawyers have already helped several Cipro victims and their families file lawsuits and obtain settlements to compensate them for their injuries.

If you would like to discuss your legal rights, or are interested in learning more about Cipro lawsuits, our experienced lawyers would be happy to answer your questions. Contact our lawyers today!