Portfolio Monitoring Services

Bernstein Liebhard LLP (“the Firm”) provides evaluation and monitoring services to some of the largest public pension and union funds in the country. Our monitoring efforts ensure that our institutional clients are timely advised of relevant information concerning their holdings, and also counseled as to the options available to them.

The Firm’s Monitoring and Evaluation Team has access to our institutional client’s transactions and holdings in publicly-traded equities and corporate debt securities, and monitors these holdings on a routine basis. Although our clients typically request a report or notification only when they are likely candidates to be appointed lead plaintiffs in an action, the Monitoring and Evaluation Team often supplies reports to our institutional clients more frequently for a variety of reasons. For example, we often notify our institutional clients when a class action is filed in which a client may be entitled to a recovery, or when a client’s loss is greater than a certain threshold. We will notify our institutional clients or furnish reports as often as our clients wish.

Our institutional clients have full, secure access to our monitoring system over the Internet, requiring only the correct login and client-specific password. If you are interested in any of the monitoring services the Firm provides, please contact us at info@bernlieb.com. We will be happy to arrange a demonstration.