Multi-Employer Pension Fund Services

At Bernstein Liebhard LLP (“the Firm”), we are committed to fighting for union causes.  We provide union members and funds with the ability to combat corporate fraud and effectuate corporate change. Union pension, annuity and welfare funds oversee pooled assets for thousands of members.  They have billions invested in the stock markets and spend billions each year on pharmaceutical and health care-related costs for members.  The pooled assets represent concentrated buying power, but when corporations commit fraud, those assets are also collectively injured.

For example, when a drug company sells bad drugs, health and welfare funds suffer—they overpay for the drugs and they pay for the “clean up” in the form of medical treatment for their injured members. Similarly, when corporate executives commit securities frauds like those at Enron and WorldCom, union pension and annuity funds assets decline in value when the companies’ stock prices plummet.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP gives labor the ability to combat these frauds.  We watch the pharmaceutical and shareholder marketplaces for new litigations, monitor your funds for losses and develop effective courses of legal action to recover the losses from corporate wrongdoers.  Our monitoring and litigation programs produce results – we have recovered over $3.5 billion for our clients and have forced significant changes in corporate boardrooms across America.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP offers unions four significant areas for union common benefit funds:

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