Failure to Execute Order

Brokers have a duty to properly execute customer orders.  Failure to execute trades, also known as a failure to follow directions, occurs when a broker does not execute a trade ordered by an investor.  Other cases include the failure of the broker to: obtain the best possible price during an authorized trade; make the trade in a timely manner, or carry out a pre-specified action at the price the client believes it will be.  If an investor directs his/her broker to sell or buy a given security and it is not done or not done in a timely manner, the broker will be found in violation of his/her duties to the investor.  Even in such cases, it can often be difficult to prove especially if the order was conveyed verbally and not followed up with a written order.  For this reason, it is important that you always maintain a paper trail by issuing written orders, even after confirming your request verbally with your broker.

If you feel you have suffered financially due to the failure or delay to execute your investing directives by your broker, contact Stephanie M. Beige to discuss your rights.