Misrepresentations And Omissions

Federal and state securities laws prohibit brokers, advisers, and other investment professionals from making any material misrepresentation about investments that they are selling to customers.  The laws impose upon the brokers, advisers, and investment professionals an obligation not to omit any information that a reasonable investor would want to know about in making a decision to invest.  A broker, adviser, or investment professional may be liable to a customer if he/she misrepresents material facts or fails to disclose material facts to the investor in the sale or recommendation of an investment.  This obligation requires brokers to fairly disclose all of the risks associated with an investment.

If you believe your broker, adviser, or investment professional has misrepresented the facts or risks associated with an investment or has failed to disclose the important facts or risks involved in order to make the investment seem more attractive, less risky or more lucrative, contact Michael S. Bigin at bigin@bernlieb.com to discuss your rights.