Negligence is conduct that falls below the “legal standard” established to protect others against unreasonable risk of harm.  Generally, negligence is the failure to use such care as a reasonably prudent and careful person would use under similar circumstances.  Each state has its own standard of negligence and there are many types of claims for negligence.  For an investment professional to be negligent, he/she may not intend the consequence of his conduct but, a “reasonable person” in his position would have anticipated those consequences and taken “reasonable” precautions to guard against them.  If an investment professional is negligent in his/her dealings with a customer, then the customer may have recourse against that broker.

If you feel that your investment professional has acted negligently, or failed to manage your account with that degree of competency as a member in good standing in the securities profession, contact Stephanie M. Beige at to discuss your rights.