U. Seth Ottensoser, a partner at Bernstein Liebhard LLP, served as guest lecturer at Harvard Law School in February 2015 where he spoke on the topic of “Investment Banking:  The Critical Component In Merger and Acquisition Litigation.”  Previously, Mr. Ottensoser lectured at Harvard Law School in January 2014, on the topic of “Stock Valuation In the Context of Delaware Litigation and Appraisal Actions,” in January 2013, on the topic of “Valuation of Securities:  The Devil Is In The Details,” in October 2010, on the topic of “Global v. Golden and Maric v. Plato:  The Importance of Discounted Cash Flow Analyses in Delaware Litigation,” and, in September 2009, on the topic of “Merger Multiples in the Context of Delaware Litigation.”  Mr. Ottensoser’s most recent lecture addressed important nuances of standardized investment banking analyses, including discounted cash flow analyses, and the most recent Delaware opinions regarding valuation, investment banker liability and statutory appraisal proceedings.  During his presentation, Mr. Ottensoser illustrated mistakes made by investment bankers in fairness opinions, along with the material financial ramifications stemming therefrom.