Commercial Litigation

Bernstein Liebhard LLP provides contingency fee representation in complex business litigation on behalf of institutional and individual investors, public and private companies and corporations, bankruptcy trustees, creditor committees, financial institutions, small businesses, and other business entities.

Because we represent a diverse client base, the matters that we handle range considerably. Although the nature of these disputes may vary, our approach to resolving them is consistent. We assemble a team of commercial litigators and paralegals with demonstrated skills and experience in the area that is the subject of the dispute. To ensure that our team of attorneys and paralegals are providing the most effective service, we involve our clients in planning and decision-making so that we can make recommendations that comport with our client’s needs and concerns. If litigation is deemed a necessary option, we prepare the matter for trial and appeals. However, we do not advocate “litigation for the sake of litigation.” We understand that litigating complex business issues is expensive and disruptive. For this reason, we explore all available means to effect expeditious and favorable resolutions to disputes, whether through direct negotiation with our adversaries or alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration.

If you would like to discuss commercial litigation representation, please contact Michael S. Bigin.