Institutional Investors

Each year, investors lose billions of dollars due to the dissemination of false and misleading information about public companies and their performance, the failure of corporate officials to act in the best interests of their companies and their shareholders, or the consummation of unfair corporate mergers and acquisitions.  We monitor these situations so that our clients have sufficient information to make informed decisions about whether they should respond to developments affecting their holdings.  Bernstein Liebhard LLP provides these monitoring and evaluation services at no cost or obligation to our institutional clients.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is committed to protecting and defending the rights of our institutional clients – public pension funds and multi-employer pension funds.  We work with our institutional clients to determine the best course of action for our clients.  We are mindful, however, that not every case is appropriate for active institutional participation.  If our investigation leads us to conclude that an action should be initiated, or if a case has been filed by a company shareholder, we will evaluate and advise whether our client should participate and seek lead plaintiff status, or whether it should simply monitor the case for any developments affecting its interests.

We believe that our Firm provides invaluable services to institutional investors, and can assist your fund in maximizing any recovery to which it is entitled.  Among the services we provide to our institutional clients are:

By retaining Bernstein Liebhard LLP, your fund will have access to experienced, nationally-recognized class action attorneys who are responsive to the needs of their clients. Bernstein Liebhard LLP has a national reputation for excellence in prosecuting class actions, and has vigorously prosecuted numerous securities fraud class action cases, with aggregate recoveries of over $3.5 billion. We welcome the opportunity to be of service to your fund.  please contact Stephanie M. Beige.  and we will be happy to answer any questions or provide you with further information.  We are always available to meet with your fund to make a full presentation of services we provide.