Portfolio Monitoring and Case Evaluation Services

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is trusted to provide evaluation and monitoring services to some of the largest public pension and union funds in the country.  Our monitoring services ensure that our public pension plan and institutional clients are advised of relevant information concerning losses in their portfolios and the legal options available to them.

Our Monitoring and Evaluation Team tracks our clients’ investment losses and analyzes losses for potential claims.  We investigate the cause of investments losses and present our findings to our clients so that they can make informed decisions as to how to best to recoup losses that are caused by fraud or other corporate wrongdoing.

To be sure, not all investment losses are caused by fraud and not all investment losses are actionable.  By partnering with us, our public pension plan and institutional clients are ensured that they are fully informed as to the cause of any investment losses.  As importantly, we advise our clients when litigation is not the best course of action.  Our experience advising and representing public pension plans and institutional investors has taught us that not every investment loss warrants legal action and not every legal action warrants institutional involvement.

Our Portfolio Monitoring Team provides our clients, at no cost, with the following:

  • Early notification of investment losses that may be the result of fraud or corporate wrongdoing.
  • Detailed findings of our investigations and recommendations concerning potential litigation.
  • Quarterly reports that include an analysis of litigation that impacts each client’s investment portfolio and lists all important deadlines such as, lead plaintiff deadlines and class action claim form deadlines.
  • Assistance with claim form filings in class actions in which our clients participate as class members.
  • Full, private, and secure access to the particular client’s investment portfolio information through our monitoring system over the Internet.

International portfolio monitoring

Financial fraud has no border. Consequently, we monitor non-U.S. cases that impact our public pension plan and institutional clients’ investment portfolios.

Additionally, since the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank, Ltd. in 2010, in which the Court limited institutional investors who have international investments from pursuing claims for fraud in United States courts, we have advised our clients about the availability of foreign litigation to redress investment losses.  While litigation in foreign courts is often the only available remedy, international litigation presents risk and burdens not present when litigation is pursued in the United States.  We have guided our clients in overcoming these hurdles.

If you are interested in any of the monitoring services the Firm provides, please contact Stephanie M. Beige.