Claims Monitoring

In addition to portfolio monitoring, the Firm also provides our institutional clients with access to current settlements in which they are entitled to recover through the Firm’s Portfolio Litigation Monitoring Service. This Service provides a wealth of information, including recent securities litigation news which includes current settlements in which a client’s portfolio is implicated, a list of recently filed actions and pending litigations, relevant court filings for each case and settlement listed, as well as information about the client’s portfolio and transaction history – all over a secure internet portal.  Proof of claim forms are also available through the Service.  We are happy to assist our institutional clients with completing and submitting proof of claim forms upon request.

Our institutional clients have full, secure access to our portfolio and claim monitoring system over the internet, requiring only the correct login and client-specific password.  If you are interested in any of the monitoring services the Firm provides, please ccontact  Stephanie M. Beige. We will be happy to arrange a demonstration.