U. Seth Ottensoser, a partner at Bernstein Liebhard LLP, was a guest lecturer in January 2017 in Professor Allen Ferrell’s securities litigation class at Harvard Law School.  Mr. Ottensoser spoke on “Recent Developments in Merger and Acquisition Litigation and Third-Party Liability.” Mr. Ottensoser has led previous lectures at Harvard Law School, including: January 2016 (“Discounted Cash Flow Analyses: The Wrong Inputs Can Lead To Catastrophe”); February 2015: (“Investment Banking: The Critical Component In Merger and Acquisition Litigation”); January 2014 (“Stock Valuation In the Context of Delaware Litigation and Appraisal Actions”); January 2013 (“Valuation of Securities: The Devil Is In The Details”); October 2010 (“Global v. Golden and Maric v. Plato: The Importance of Discounted Cash Flow Analyses in Delaware Litigation”); and September 2009 (“Merger Multiples in the Context of Delaware Litigation”).

Mr. Ottensoser’s most recent lecture addressed important components of investment banking analyses, including discounted cash flow analyses, and recent Delaware opinions regarding valuation, investment banker liability and appraisal proceedings.